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01 - NTC Brown Book, Fire Alarm System Handbook

01 - NTC Brown Book, Fire Alarm System Handbook

The NTC Brown Book covers fire alarm systems from A to Z. This powerful text takes you through the process of design and installation of fire alarm systems. Code requirements are explained in plain language. This text book is essential for a complete understanding of fire alarm systems.


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Answer Key

Fire alarm system design and installation is complex and governed by national and local codes.  The NTC Brown Book makes understanding these complexities easy.  This reference covers all aspects of fire alarm systems including planning, documentation, contracts, design and installation.


  • Most complete reference for fire alarm systems in the industry
  • Clearly explains code requirements
  • Makes design concepts easy to understand
  • Great Study book for NICET Certification
  • 472 pages of important fire alarm systems information
  • Pictures and Diagrams make this reference easy to read
  • Covers requirements for ADA compliance
  • Includes complete list of fire alarm symbols
  • Critical fire alarm system documentation is included
  • Advanced concepts for fire alarm system design are covered


     The NTC Brown Book contains 472 pages of informative text, diagrams and pictures.  All of this is designed to make learning the requirements and concepts easy.  Plain language is used to explain requirements.  Pictures and diagrams are used to illustrate concepts.  There is no other reference like this one.  All the requirements in the NTC Brown Book are based on the most current code requirements and standard industry practices.


     Spacing and location of devices is one of the most difficult aspects of fire alarm system design and installation.  The NTC Brown Book covers the requirements for smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations and notification appliances.  All of the ADA requirements are covered as well.  Further, the NTC Brown Book details the requirements for each type of building occupancy and use group.


     Fire Alarm System Design and Installation is a fantastic reference for those studying for NICET Certification.  This book includes many of the topics important for certification  The NTC Brown Book is an effective reference for all those studying for certification  


    The NTC Brown Book is the most important desk reference for those involved in the design and installation of fire alarm systems.  All aspects of fire alarm systems work are covered in this one of a kind reference.



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