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NICET 1&2 Fire Alarm

NICET 1&2 Fire Alarm

Price: $995.00


Are you NICET Certified? It has become a requirement in many states for those involved in fire alarm systems, including design, installation, service, and test & inspection—and more states adopt the requirement every day! Achieve your goals - take NTC's NICET Fire Alarm course!


NTC’s NICET Level 1 & 2 Fire Alarm class is intended for the low voltage professional.  This course covers certification procedures and requirements, testing strategies, and NFPA code books.  Students attending this course will develop a strong understanding of fire alarm systems, including the requirements of NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm Code), International Building Code (IBC), and the NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code).  


Included With This Course

NTC Red Book - Fire Alarm Certification Guide

NTC Classroom Handout

90 Days access to NICET Fire Alarm Training in Training Department


Recommended Materials

NFPA 72 - National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code - 2016 Edition

NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code - 2014 Edition

International Building Code (IBC) - 2015 Edition

PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend each student have their own personal copies of the above code books for use at the class. The training involves learning to use these books (which are also the permitted references for the NICET exam), and students will have a more fulfilling training experience if they have these books.


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We encourage registration at least 2 weeks prior to the training date.  This will guarantee your place in the class as well as ensure we have all the necessary materials for every attendee at the training location.


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In order to sign up please review the course schedule below and choose an option that is most convenient for your schedule.

CIN0121NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmCincinnati, OHJan 21-22, 2020DetailsSign-up
SEA0121NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmSeattle, WAJan 21-22, 2020DetailsSign-up
SLC0128NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmSalt Lake City, UTJan 28-29, 2020DetailsSign-up
NY0204NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmIslip, NYFeb 4-5, 2020DetailsSign-up
NC0204NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmGreensboro, NCFeb 4-5, 2020DetailsSign-up
DAL0211NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmDallas, TXFeb 11-12, 2020DetailsSign-up
STL0218NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmSt. Louis, MOFeb 18-19, 2020DetailsSign-up
ABQ0225NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmAlbuquerque, NMFeb 25-26, 2020DetailsSign-up
PHI0303NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmPhiladelphia, PAMar 3-4, 2020DetailsSign-up
BH0303NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmBirmingham, ALMar 3-4, 2020DetailsSign-up
DEN0310NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmDenver, COMar 10-11, 2020DetailsSign-up
NVL0317NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmNashville, TNMar 17-18, 2020DetailsSign-up
ELP0324NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmEl Paso, TXMar 24-25, 2020DetailsSign-up
IND0331NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmIndianapolis, INMar 31-Apr 1, 2020DetailsSign-up
DC0407NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmWashington, DC (Alexandria)Apr 7-8, 2020DetailsSign-up
NJ0407NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmNewark, NJApr 7-8, 2020DetailsSign-up
CHI0421NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmChicago, ILApr 21-22, 2020DetailsSign-up
LR0428NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmLittle Rock, ARApr 28-29, 2020DetailsSign-up
DET0421NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmDetroit, MI Apr 28-29, 2020DetailsSign-up
BOS0505NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmBoston, MAMay 5-6, 2020DetailsSign-up
SEA0505NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmSeattle, WAMay 5-6, 2020DetailsSign-up
ATL0505NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmAtlanta, GAMay 5-6, 2020DetailsSign-up
RVS0512NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmRiverside, CAMay 12-13, 2020DetailsSign-up
SAC0512NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmSacramento, CAMay 12-13, 2020DetailsSign-up
HOU0512NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmHouston, TXMay 12-13, 2020DetailsSign-up
BOI0519NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmBoise, IDMay 19-20, 2020DetailsSign-up
NC0602NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmGreensboro, NCJun 2-3, 2020DetailsSign-up
NY0604NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmIslip, NYJun 2-3, 2020DetailsSign-up
CIN0609NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmCincinnati, OH Jun 9-10, 2020DetailsSign-up
POR0609NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmPortland, ORJun 9-10, 2020DetailsSign-up
NO0609NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmNew Orleans, LAJun 9-10, 2020DetailsSign-up
MIN0616NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmMinneapolis, MNJun 16-17, 2020DetailsSign-up
MIL0623NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmMilwaukee, WIJun 23-24, 2020DetailsSign-up
BH0714NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmBirmingham, ALJul 14-15, 2020DetailsSign-up
LV0714NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmLas Vegas, NVJul 14-15, 2020DetailsSign-up
KC0721NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmKansas City, KSJul 21-22, 2020DetailsSign-up
PHI0721NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmPhiladelphia, PAJul 21-22, 2020DetailsSign-up
OKC0728NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmOklahoma City, OKJul 28-29, 2020DetailsSign-up
DC0804NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmWashington, DC (Alexandria)Aug 4-5, 2020DetailsSign-up
NJ0804NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmNewark, NJAug 4-5, 2020DetailsSign-up
CHI0811NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmChicago, ILAug 11-12, 2020DetailsSign-up
DAL0818NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmDallas, TXAug 18-19, 2020DetailsSign-up
SAT0825NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmSan Antonio TXAug 25-26, 2020DetailsSign-up
RM0901NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmRichmond, VASep 1-2, 2020DetailsSign-up
ATL0915NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmAtlanta, GASep 15-16, 2020DetailsSign-up
SEA0915NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmSeattle, WASep 15-16, 2020DetailsSign-up
LA0922NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmLos Angeles, CASep 22-23, 2020DetailsSign-up
DEN0922NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmDenver, COSep 22-23, 2020DetailsSign-up
SF0922NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmSan Francisco, CASep 22-23, 2020DetailsSign-up
ANC0929NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmAnchorage, AKSep 29-30, 2020DetailsSign-up
KNX0929NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmKnoxville, TNSep 29-30, 2020DetailsSign-up
NC1006NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmGreensboro, NCOct 6-7, 2020DetailsSign-up
NY1006NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmIslip, NYOct 6-7, 2020DetailsSign-up
ORL1013NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmOrlando, FLOct 13-14, 2020DetailsSign-up
PHX1013NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmPhoenix, AZOct 13-14, 2020DetailsSign-up
BOS1020NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmBoston, MAOct 20-21, 2020DetailsSign-up
DET1020NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmDetroit, MIOct 20-21, 2020DetailsSign-up
NY1027NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmElmsford, NYOct 27-28, 2020DetailsSign-up
HI1027NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmHonolulu, HIOct 27-28, 2020DetailsSign-up
PHI1103NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmPhiladelphia, PANov 3-4, 2020DetailsSign-up
BH1103NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmBirmingham, ALNov 3-4, 2020DetailsSign-up
HOU1110NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmHouston, TXNov 10-11, 2020DetailsSign-up
CLE1110NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmCleveland, OHNov 10-11, 2020DetailsSign-up
LV1117NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmLas Vegas, NVNov 17-18, 2020DetailsSign-up
PIT1201NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmPittsburgh, PADec 1-2, 2020DetailsSign-up
NJ1208NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmNewark, NJDec 8-9, 2020DetailsSign-up
DC1108NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmWashington, DCDec 8-9, 2020DetailsSign-up
CHI1215NICET 1&2 Fire AlarmChicago, ILDec 15-16, 2020DetailsSign-up

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