IP Video and Networking - Webinar

Are you “network ready”? Your security equipment is ! Security is moving to the network, and National Training Center (NTC) is helping you move with it ! The network based security market grows every day, and knowledge of this area is critical to your success in this high growth market.

NTC’s IP Video & Networking training is intended for the low voltage professional.  The IP Video & Networking Training Program will introduce technicians to the world of networks and IP, and teach them how to apply this knowledge to designing and installing network based Video systems. The program will cover network basics, including cabling structure, hardware and electronics, communications protocols, and basic network management and troubleshooting.     Students will learn about cabling schemes and common structures and how to work with them.    The class will also cover network hardware and electronics in detail, explaining the function and application of each device.    The focus of the class will be practical application network video and access control systems, and how to implement these systems on new and existing networks.  The IP video section will cover CCTV camera integration to the network.  This section will examine camera features like megapixel and their impact on the network and storage requirements.   Students access the course through their web browser.  They attend live schedule webinar classes, viewing the video portion on their PC and participating in a conference call for the audio portion.  The webinar class is conducted live and is completely interactive.  The class is conducted over four weeks, in four two-hour sessions. Students will receive a copy of the NTC Yellow Book (CCTV Systems Design and Installation) and Purple Book (Access Control System Design & Installation) with the class.   

1.  Incredibly effective training.  I manage a National Accounts Group for a major US company and this training gave my staff the knowledge they needed to succeed in this tough market.  Mark Ingram

2.  The best training on Networking and IP Technology we have seen.  NTC provided this training to our offices all across the country and did a tremendous job.  NTC has taken a complex subject which many find challenging and made it understandable.  Hands down the best.  We WILL be using NTC again.  Shelby Beard

3.  I was tasked with preparing the technicians at my company for our launch into the Networking category for Video Security.  After an extensive search of all the training available, I chose NTC.  NTC had the best references and even provided me with an onsite demonstration of their training.  Our technicians have successfully learned the skills necessary thanks to NTC.  NTC is not the cheapest, but they are the best.  I highly recommend the NTC team.  John Blasco