Core Competency Certification


NTC's Core Competency Certification


An independent certification program focused on the Core Competencies of the low voltage industry. Core Competency Certification (C3) is available in the four major system categories of the low voltage industry with four levels of certification in each category. Level 1 certification is a basic certification for those with entry level experience, Level 4 is an advanced certification for extensive system experience.


Intrusion Systems          Video Systems         Fire Alarm Systems        Access Control Systems

     Level 1                           Level 1                     Level 1                            Level 1

     Level 2                           Level 2                     Level 2                            Level 2

     Level 3                           Level 3                     Level 3                            Level 3

     Level 4                           Level 4                     Level 4                            Level 4



For Employers - C3 provides a method of evaluating the skills of current and potential employees. It can be used to gauge current skills levels and track growth of current team members, and can also be used to evaluate the skills of potential employees, ensuring they have the skills required for the position they are being hired for.

For Employees - C3 provides proof of technical knowledge and job skill to employers. Attaining Core Competency Certification proves a level of knowledge of specific low voltage system categories and the job skills required to work with these types of systems.



C3 exams are available on any computer with Internet access. It is a KNOWLEDGE based certification program - it is based on the knowledge an individual has, not on the number of years of experience. C3 is a real world certification program: questions are based on industry best practices and commonly used, currently available equipment. It is an open reference test - any resource an individual would use in their normal course of work can be used as a reference in the exam.



Core Competency Certification is $99 for 24 hours of unlimited access to ALL exam categories at ALL levels.  Test takers may take any exam category at any level, with certification awarded at the highest level successfully passed. Since there are NO PREREQUISITES OR REQUIREMENTS for certification levels, the test taker can choose the category and level of certification they think they are capable of achieving.




Core Competency Certification - Overview

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